Saturday, July 22, 2006

Elderly Brothers @ Bloggapalooza

Bloggapalooza packed 'em in at tthe Towne Fryer, and we had big, sweaty fun playing for the folks. Nobody threw anything, so it appears we did OK.


scott bakalar said...

more than okay, guys. More than ok!

Anonymous said...

The 'Brothers unique sound is one of its own. Early influences can be heard in Clarence Creekwater Survival, Carolina beach band Dirtball Sons of the Dixie Highball, and lengendary blues sideman Fat Dog Jackson [the latter two, although never really existing, are stipulated in the interest of symmetrical assignment of influence, as well as to make the reader feel inferior in his pitiful grasp of American popular music history].

-Delta Matthew, harpist & bagman for the Beeline Ho Masters.