Monday, May 21, 2007

Question Mark and the Mysterians @ The Winchester

The Question Mark and the Mysteriansshow at the Winchester was surprisingly good. The band, comprised of all the original members, was a definite throw back to a time when groups relied on energy and groove, rather than volume, to get the job done. They sounded like a really tight soul/garage band, which was pretty much what they were back in the day. If they ever headlined at one of those Little Steven Underground Garage shows, they'd tear it up. They ended the show with 96 tears, but that was almost anti-climactic.

Question Mark was a trip. Dressed in a an orange shirt, leather pants, cowboy hat and shades. he shucked and jived all over the stage. If he said "babee" once, he said it 100 times. It was like going to a teen club in 1966. But this was no corny, nostalgia-driven performance. They weren't trying to be retro. This is who they are and how they sound. They are definitely worth checking out if they come into your area. This particular tour is especially significant in that they are trying to help Question Mark, who lost everything in a house fire a couple of months ago, get back on his feet. He didn't have insurance.

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