Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hamel on Trial

Hamel on Trial
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What draws me year after year to the Black Swamp Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio, is the chance for exposure to acts I've not seen or heard before.

One-man act Hamel on Trial is a good example. Described on the Black Swamp Web site as "Punk Acoustic from NY," Hamel pounded out two short, intense sets of original songs loaded with attitude, political/cultural commentary, and lots of wit.

Hamel on Trial is a proponent of a fascinating school of acoustic music that ain't really acoustic. His guitar sound combines the depth and resonance of an acoustic with the thunder and distorted edge of a rock-and-roll electic guitar. The result is a hybrid that perfectly complements his rapid, open-chord strumming and wild-eyed stage presence.

Hamel made mention several times that he had adjusted his selection of material to suit the family-friendly tone of the Black Swamp festival -- a smart move given the number of kids in the audience. (The title of one of the songs on his Web site: "Pussy".)
But even in PG-mode Hamel elicited more that a few grins and outright laughs from the audience with his Woody-Guthrie-on-Crystal-Meth performance.

Check this guy out.

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